To prepare and equip yourself for a fishing trip, non-regular/newcomers would find the following tips helpful:

Each speed boat can accommodate maximum 8 anglers and 1 boatman, but 4-6 anglers are more comfortable for fishing.

For those who are not used to boat ride, you are advised to consume the motion sickness pill half an hour before the boat ride. You can buy the pill at any pharmacies (it won’t be fun anymore if you feel sea sick during the trip).

Sufficient number of life jackets along with safety equipment/kits is available on each boat.

Since you will stay the whole day in the middle of the sea, you are advised to bring along some extra food, snacks and drinks to be consumed during the trip.

Recommended attire: long sleeve shirt, long pant/jean, sandal/slipper, cap/hat.

Use of sun block lotion is recommended.

For a day trip, the trip normally starts at 8.00 am and finishes by 5.00 pm.

Local breakfast such as roti canai, nasi lemak, fried noodles, tea, coffee, etc. is available at the restaurant near the jetty. A small grocery store is available next to the restaurant for your last minutes shopping such as food, snack, drinks and ice cubes for the trip.

The following items are highly recommended for your fishing trip:

  • Cooler box (such as Coleman) or fish container with ice to keep the fish fresh.
  • Fishing gears suitable for sea fishing. The main ones are rod, reel, line, weights and hooks. For first timers, a decent set would cost you about RM100-RM200. These equipments are also available for rental from us (limited numbers).
  • Artificial bait/lure: like apollo, rapala, fake fish/frog, chandat (for squid fishing), etc. can be bought from the fishing shops. Different type of bait/lure targets different type of fish.
  • Live bait: You can bring your own fresh/live baits along (from the market) such as prawn/shrimp, small fish, crab or squid. But normally the boatman will bring you to catch the live bait first (e.g. bait fish and squid) using artificial bait/lure before catching the big ones. Therefore you are strongly recommended to bring the artificial baits/lures along. Live shrimps can be provided at extra cost. Live crabs are also available with advanced booking if required (subject to availability).

You can ask the boatman for any fishing tips like fishing techniques, how to tie a hook, suitable baits, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask him. Normally he would show you if you ask him. Just make friend with him. If you’re kind enough, you may offer or share with him some of your food and drinks during the trip and if you think he’s very helpful, you may give him some tips at the end of the trip (this is only a suggestion).

Subject to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, the trip may have to be cancelled where you will be informed accordingly. Your trip can then be rescheduled (based on mutual agreement, subject to the availability of boat on your next trip). Therefore you are advised to check with us regularly prior to your trip on the weather conditions to avoid disappointment.


Video credit to Total Fisherman